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We can't survive without a computer or a tablet or a smart phone in this modern world. Our education, jobs, communications, social connections and most importantly our banking, trading and most everything we operate on a daily basis are done using these smart devices.

We are all well aware of how important it is for us humans and our pets to stay healthy, exercise and eat well. Similarly, keeping our modern appliances healthy is equally important. You can think of the softwares, apps that we install consciously are the food to our appliances. The viruses and the malware's that get installed without our knowledge are the unhealthy food that makes our appliances sick, causing at most frustration to us and at times financial loss when the hackers get access to our financials, businesses and etc.

It's very important to invest in a good antivirus software to protect your computer realtime. Yes realtime and not just offline. There are softwares like Malwarebytes and McAfee which do a very good job in monitoring realtime activities and prevent you from accidentally infecting your computer with viruses and malware's.

There are several antivirus software providers in the industry. Based on my research and personal use I found that Malwarebytes and McAfee are light weight - meaning they don't consume a lot of your computer resources and doesn't slow down your computer. And it functions very efficiently in auto updating the software and auto runs scans at regular intervals. These schedules can be configured based on your preference, to have them run at times when you don't use computer very actively.

Updated: Feb 28

My morning rush begins at 6:30 AM, making breakfasts, packing lunches and getting out to drop my kid in school and then drive more than an hour to work. Time just flies. Some days minor delays during that rush hours builds stress so much that it impacts a good portion of rest of my day. I strongly felt the need to have quiet and peaceful mornings.

After reading "The 5AM Club" book by Robin Sharma, I crafted my own morning routine. As Robin narrated, I found early mornings as the most quietest times of the day. With most people in the household and neighborhood still asleep, it's an ideal opportunity to center our attention on self-care and personal focus.

Most days, I get up at 5 AM. First, I drink warm water. Then, I do stretching for 15-20 minutes and meditate for 20 minutes. If I wake up late, I do a quick 5-minute stretch before meditating. I always meditate in the morning. It helps me feel less anxious and stressed, so I can have a calm, healthy, and productive day.

Create a morning routine for yourself depending on your schedules and have some ME time in the mornings. it's best time to take care of yourself!

I would like to know what your morning routines

are and how you manage it. Add them in comments section below.

Moore's Law is named after a smart guy named Gordon Moore, who helped start Intel, a big computer company. He noticed in 1965 that every two years, computers were getting twice as fast because they had double the tiny parts (transistors) inside them. This made computers better and smaller, and it's been happening for a long time, making technology better and better!

In short, Moore's Law says that computers improve and become faster as time goes on. This means they can do things quicker and handle even cooler tasks!

You can read about transistor here.

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