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Three books everyone should read at least once a year

Today I aspire to share about the three books I found extremely helpful to continue to grow and stay inspired and positive every single day. These books are suitable for readers aged 11 and above, I highly recommend reading them quarterly or at least every six months, coupled with daily practice.

We all aspire to be happy, healthy, financially stable, travel around the world, try new cuisines, have good friends and etc. Have you thought about what are various things that are holding you back from achieving your goals and aspirations? Yes, some are completely out of our control. Things like where we're born, the financial stability of our parents, the schools in our town, government policies and etc are beyond our control. But if you look at the history of several business owners, doctors, engineers, CEO's around the world, a major portion of them made their own lives.

You can find people from the same neighborhood or background who have gained good results and are leading a comfortable life. If they're able to do it, then what's holding us back from achieving similar results? The fact is it's us. The limitations that we created to ourselves, the negative self-talk we do to ourselves and the excuses we make to ourselves are what are holding us back from achieving great results.

If you really want to make a positive difference in your life, the first thing you need to do is, write down your goals based on their impact . Be meticulous and specific in defining these goals; ambiguity leaves room for uncertainty. For instance, rather than stating a vague desire to save "a few thousand dollars," set a concrete target like "I aim to save $5000 within six months." Next, outline the steps necessary to achieve each goal: perhaps cutting back on dining out, minimizing food wastage, creating a detailed budget, and immediately allocating a portion of your paycheck to savings. Finally, maintain self-discipline and gentle accountability to ensure progress. Over time, diligent adherence to these principles will yield noticeable results.

Additionally, to continue to grow in whatever you aspire to do, are you actively acquiring new knowledge on a weekly or monthly basis, if not daily? Are you doing what needs to be done, whether you feel like it or not?

Always be conscious about this - doing what you do daily without any improvement doesn't lead to better results.


Here are the three books:

  1. No Excuses by Brian Tracy. Brian did a wonderful job narrating the importance of self-discipline and the profound impact it can have on our lives. Self-discipline serves as the cornerstone of success, encompassing personal growth, professional endeavors, and overall contentment. You can find this book here on Amazon.

  2. Atomic Habits by James Clear. In this book, James brings outs a very important fact. If you can improve by just 1 percent every day for a year, you'll end up thirty-seven times better by the end of the year. Conversely, if you decline by 1 percent each day for a year, you'll nearly reach zero. You can find this book here on Amazon.

  3. The 5AM Club by Robin Sharma. Robin narrates the importance of dedicating the most precious hours of the day to high-value activities that optimize personal growth and development. You can find this book here on Amazon.

I would love to give credit to the authors of these three books for writing such an amazing, inspiring and life-changing books.

I would love to hear from you about your experiences with these books and how they've inspired and facilitated positive transitions in your life. Please feel free to share your comments here. if you read these books and how they inspired you and helped you transition your life. Please add your comments here.

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Feb 20
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Nice read!

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Feb 20
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Very thoughtful post, I read no excuses and atomic habits books already and I look forward to read 5AM club now.

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