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Sunday Funday - Homemade Protein Snacks and Enjoying Stimulating Game with My Kid!

It's a cold day, windy, chilly....yet I made sure to work out. Rain or shine, windy or chilly, I prioritize self care!

After my hour long workout with my trainer, I made myself nice protein rich breakfast. And I made my favorite energy bites with sesame and jaggery. Sesame and jaggery are really a good combination, they provide a punch of protein, iron, fiber, zinc and several other nutrients. But of course jaggery has sugars, it can be replaced with dates. You can find my recipe here. I opt out of store-bought protein bars because they typically contain artificial ingredients, preservatives, and excessive sugars.

I spent my evening playing 'ThinkFun Rush Hour Traffic Jam Brain Game' with my kid. This is a very interesting game to improve kid's pattern recognition. This game is in fact for players of all ages in a fun and mentally stimulating activity. You can find it on Amazon here. Here is more about the game.

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